Algo Technologies was created to provide solutions to a number of customers which are focused on servicing supply chains within the logistics and trading environment across Southern Africa. During this period the Algo team has seen numerous problems that these customers need to contend with on a day to day, week to week and month to month basis.

With improvements in technology and communication over time, especially in emerging economies like Southern Africa there is an opportunity to solve these problems, by using simple and intuitive digitized frameworks which can be easily understood across complex market environments.

Key Technologies

Our solutions are built using the .Net platform on the latest Microsoft frameworks including the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform. We also utilise the latest Web Technologies and JavaScript frameworks to build our cutting-edge solutions, embracing key skills in:


To solve challenges of regional businesses in procurement, sales and marketing, supply chain management and financial management and in so doing become a respected and recognized software development market leader.


Make it easy for companies to conduct business globally by using technology to achieve optimization, integration and visibility throughout the process at a fraction of the cost of existing software products / solutions.


Our people are our most valuable asset. We consider our staff to be an integral part of our business; each person on board, irrespective of ranking or nationality, plays an essential role in the company’s expansion and success.